Glass U

High versatility... Thanks to itsminimal design, Glass U systems are suitable to every location, both contemporary and classic. At the same time, the wide accessories selection allows a project to meet all sorts of technical and construcion demands.

Glassu L

Serie L

The Glass U "L" profiles are aluminium profiles in Light version. They are suitable for private houses and low affluence sites, where there is no need of high load resistance.

Glassu A SIDE

Serie A (SIDE)

The Glass U "A" SIDE are aluminium profiles produced after first “Classic” version. They are suitable for private houses, cafès, restaurant and for most public places, thanks to the increased load resistance.

Glass U A TOP

Serie A (TOP)

The Glass U "A" TOP has the main features of the SIDE model, but beyond the classic fastening system, they are equipped with a patented spacing system for the glasses, which enhances their solidy.

Glass U S

Serie S

The Glass U "S" is an aluminum profile "Strong". It is designed well for high traffic public spaces such as museums, shopping centres, theatres, and auditoriums. It succeeds in absorbing a 300 kg/ml side force.

Glassu I

Serie I

The Glass U "I", are a profiles “Steel” It is the most adaptable and easy to use Glass U. It is steel, so it is very resistant and less delicate. It is available in a pre-zinc-coated or rough version and it is also works being welded or embedded in concrete. A stainless steel lookalike, aluminum cover carter is provided.

Glassu C

Serie C

The Glass U "C" are a profiles also called "Classic". The original system,from where all range of Glass U and Glass U "C" products has been developed, is light, easy to set up and it’s the ideal solution for residential use but also for the most part of the public areas with low attendance. It can be set up on sight.

Glassu P

Serie P

Glass U "P" like Precision, this profile revolutionizes the concept of glass fixing. Thanks to a fastening patented system designed by our IAM Design Team, it is possible to regulate glass grade and reach a fast laying. This is perfect for glass professionals. Recommended for public buildings.