Company Profile

The IAM Design product line includes more than 2,500 modular stainless steel elements to to build railings, fences, canopies, staircases, and other structural elements, both for interior and external spaces.

The modern and linear design of the various elements allows a quick and easy installation, and meets the needs of architects, designers and professionals, adapting perfectly to any type of environment. IAM Design is born from the experience and expertise of Gonzato Group, for over 40 years the world leader in the production and distribution of metal components for architecture.

IAM Design is able to provide a completely new service to support professionals: technical tools both online and offline made with experts specialists, and an advisory tailored service for a step by step cooperation with any professional for the realization of any project.

An ever growing presence

  • Headquarters in Malo-Vicenza (Italia)
  • 5 production sites totalling
  • 64.000 Sq. Mt. of warehousing and production.
  • Over 1100 employees (2008)
  • Subsidiarie with stocking facilities in France, Sweden, Croatia, Brazil, U.S.A. (Houston-Texas, Miami- Florida) Spain, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Argentina,Chile, México and Nigeria
  • 4.100 Ton/month shipped
  • 40 million pieces of ready made wrought iron components sold per year
  • Over 2000 stockist customers served, in 136 different countries presumably 150.000 professional fabricators using our forgings during a year
  • 13 catalogs-books for a total of 5100 pages
  • Over 32.000 components available in catalogs, computer and inventory
  • Among our many CADs, one is available on the Web

Production from i... to i

From the i of Idea to the i of Installation, we take care of every aspect of the product. Unlike many of our competitors, we are real producers thanks to our 5 production branches in Italy and Europe.

We are the only company in the industry that can boast a production capacity can meet any special request within tight production time.

Unlike most of the products on the market, our items are realized in our production branches in Italy and Europe, thus being submitted to production rules and standard quality tests that allow us to know the story of each piece from its birth to its delivery.

I... means Innovation

The customers and their needs are always the focus of our attention. Therefore, a team of designers and engineers daily works to conceive new products that meet more and more the need for beauty in accordance with the techniques existing at present.

We are always searching to combine our products with different materials that satisfy new structural and aesthetical needs (wood, glass and so on). We conceive the design of our products so that they are always ahead of the times which makes installation easier.

We believe that our products must be easy to assemble and integrate with the other architectural elements. Furthermore, they must be able to fit with extreme flexibility in the environment in which they will be installed.

A... means Assistance and support. The strenght of being a group

We develop our customers' plans and create on their behalf the most suitable solutions for the environments in which they will be installed (banisters, balustrades, fencings).

We rely upon the biggest stock in the world, but if your project needs it we produce custom made solutions. We supply all products and varnishes for the upkeeping and the cleaning of our stainless steel.

We provide real time updates on the stock and on the orders placed by our customers, offering also the possibility to check our stocks and place orders online (contact us to know how to proceed).

Our back office staff speaks 5 different languages fluently and is qualified to handle export matters.48 hours delivery all over the word. We have arrangements with the most important Express Carriers. 

We supply DVDs to teach how to install, clean and take care of our products. We support our clients and users with training sessions held by qualified experts. A team of architects, engineer and quialified experts is at the disposal of the customers to provide them with products information and explanations on their uses and the applications. We also offer a qualified marketing support: for many years we realized custom made leaflets and catalogues for our wellestablished customers, along with providing them with our skills on online communication and event organization. 

We also offer a qualified marketing support: for many years we realized custom made leaflets and catalogues for our wellestablished customers, along with providing them with our skills on online communication and event organization.

M... means More value to your purchase

We can realize custom-made products upon the real needs of the customers. We have a huge stock of standard items ready to be dispatched also in smaller quantities.

We can mantain good prices in purchasing on the raw material thanks to our big volumes. We apply the producer cost, without any price rise due to the presence of other intermediaries in the distribution.

We manage step by step all the production and supply chain providing bests quality in all the phases. Thanks to our stock, we can act as your stock too. Our inventory can become "your inventory".