Stainless steel handrail systems

Why choose a handrail system made of stainless steel?

Steel handrails offer a variety of advantageous features if compared to more traditional handrail materials. The two most important characteristics of steel handrail systems are the sleek, modern look such systems offer, as well as the fact that they are extremely durable and require a minimal amount of maintenance. For our clients who desire a crisp, modern look for the exterior of their property, we offer the finest modular stainless steel handrail systems in the market in a variety of styles and sizes.


Aesthetic advantage

Stainless steel rails can lend any home or office a modern, stylish look. They convey strength, sleekness, and a look of permanence to the property. You can absolutely depend on your stainless steel handrail systems to keep gleaming even on the rainiest of days. We offer a variety of modular systems, which means that, regardless of the needs of a railing project, we can produce a bespoke handrail design solution using our stainless steel components.


Steel handrail systems – the perfect choice!

As opposed to glass rails, that can be shattered or cracked (not to mention that they invite occasional bird strikes), and wooden designs, that require continual polishing and other maintenance, or plastic handrails, that are easily scratched, the stainless steel handrails we offer at IAM Design need no more than an occasional cursory wipe to remove fingerprints and other temporary smudges. Steel handrail systems will stand the test of time better than any other handrail material. They are highly immune to rust and very resistant to any kind of extreme weather, and they won't lose the quality of their finish for a very long time. So if you are looking for a modern handrail design that will stay at its peak strength and beauty until it's your great-great-grandchild's turn to inherit the property, a stainless handrail system is absolutely the ideal choice for you.