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Our stainless steel balustrade posts do most certainly offer you durability, as they are made from the best top quality stainless steel that is available on the market today. When you have implemented the usage of these fine quality balustrade posts in the design of your staircase, you know that they are going to last for a very long time as the stainless steel is strong and will support your staircase for years to come. The stainless steel posts can support large amounts of pressure from heavy hands, that meaning there are those who put more pressure on the staircase railing and posts than those who are light and dainty. They will not become weak or loosened. They will not twist, bend or crumple under the pressure they feel from the railing as people grab the railing for support.


You really will be pleased to be able to incorporate the usage of our stainless steel balustrade posts to keep people safe as they walk up and down your stairs. Note that it is important to place the posts close enough together, so that a child cannot put his head through the posts or fall through. You will want to check with the legal builder's guidelines in your area to see what the minimum spacing requirements are in relation to placing posts for your stairway.


Stainless steel balustrade posts: great design

You stairs will look so lovely with whatever type of balustrade posts you decide to purchase from our company here at IAM Design. There is something surely here to fit your vision regarding the design that you have in mind for your stairs. Talk to us and we can help you to choose which ones are exactly right for your intended project. Your place will look so amazing!