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Why Stainless Steel Handrail End Caps?

This type of handrail end cap provides a good looking, long lasting finishing touch for handrails. Whether inside the home or used outdoors, stainless steel handrail end caps can offer a rust resistant, modern solution to finishing off a railing's end. For interior rails, a stainless steel end cap can provide a sanitary option in rooms such as the kitchen or bath. Easy to clean, and practically bacteria proof, these end caps will retain their good looks for years to come even in heavy use situations. Due to the variety of designs and sizes available, it is not difficult to find a suitable match for any use.

Designs Of End Caps Available

Polished, satin, and brushed chrome looks are some of the options available. You may choose a variety of sizes and shapes to fit whatever you need for your railing end cap. Stainless steel end caps are available in many different thicknesses and profiles. For instance, ball finial caps, rounded caps, square-shaped caps. There are diamond caps, patterned caps, tube closing caps, flush fitting caps, and many designs which can fit over top of your choice of wooden handrails for a modern and classy look.


Common Uses

You can see examples of stainless steel rail cap ends in public as well as private buildings and on fences and other outdoor railings. The technique is not new and has been appreciated through various eras in time and historical building periods. Public staircases in and outside of buildings often use durable stainless steel, while indoor uses include commercial kitchens. Older classical architecture styles of buildings adapt to the use of stainless steel end caps just as well as modern houses and those which strike a different balance of contemporary and historical design. These end caps may well be the most versatile type available.