The modular structure is the present, and especially the future, in the management of the volumes to be furnished, whether they are for civil or industrial use.  The development of materials and the current setting and linking technologies ensure maximum functionality in every field of application. The solutions that can be obtained are multiple, flexible, and versatile in relation to the specific needs. A squared pipe system can be customized already during the design process: the shape, dimensions, and technical characteristics of the components that make it will be selected and combined to fit any type of need.

Squared pipe system: space takes shape

Fantasy, creativity, foresight: these are the fundamental elements that one cannot leave behind in the creation or the rational renewal of a space.  They are often innate talents, but with knowledge and experience they can be developed to become a proven tool in the functional furnishing strategy. Applied to the intrinsic peculiarities of a well-designed squared pipe system give rise to options that are as innovative and valid as possible: until recently unmanageable solutions for staircases, handrails, balustrades, service platforms , and lofts, only to name a few.

 Implementation is the simplest step

When assembling a squared pipe system for the construction of the aforementioned structures or similar, the choice of the elements is most likely the most delicate phase as it will be decisive for its good performance.  Getting into the hands of an expert is the most logical thing to do.  Installation, on the contrary, is simple, as well as maintenance, cleaning, and disassembly for subsequent structural changes.  In this context, a choice can be reviewed and re-evaluated later on.