When it comes to aesthetics, the sphere is the shape closer to perfection: its symmetry, its robustness, and its solidity give it a unique visual impact. Steel, the most representative material of modernity for physical and mechanical characteristics, is the best support for balance, harmony, and perfection.  With hollow steel spheres, the appearance-substance binomial is embodied in a high quality decorative component designed to enhance any kind of environment.  A choice of taste and style to exalt to the utmost power what in itself is already objectively beautiful.


Hollow steel spheres: no limits location

Steel is synonymous with aesthetic and structural longevity as well as purity, integrity, and incorruptibility: time and action of atmospheric elements have a relative impact on it. In indoor environments, qualitative yield knows no limits or contraindications, so it does not suffer from the succession of exterior tendencies in furnishings.  Hollow steel spheres are part of those objects that can be used in the aesthetic revaluation of all living spaces, especially those of external environments.  Pools and fountains-  being hollow these spheres are also floating -  gardens, parks, and all sections of urban furniture at the center of a structural re-evaluation project. 

Versatility of surfaces and dimensions

The choice of the desired model excludes technical details because the range available is vast and takes into account all the customer's specific needs. The supply of hollow steel spheres varies by type of surface and size. Depending on the context of destination, the outside can be made in traditional gold, silver, satin, or personalized by colour, texture, and opacity.  The diameters are just as variable and range from a few millimeters per meter or more.