The grid design for steel balconies can be a modern and contemporary solution that can enrich the facade of a home. If you choose a grid pattern, we must necessarily pay attention to the quality of the  material used to make the structure. The IAM Design company, based in the province of Vicenza, knows how important this raw material selection is. For this reason, it chooses and uses only high-quality stainless steel that can give you the right guarantee in terms of efficiency and durability.

 Grid design for steel balconies: when making this type of choice

With a linear and essential aspect, the stainless steel balcony grid design lends itself to multiple uses.  It can be used, for example, for the construction of the terrace deck on the top floor of a building, as well as for a raised veranda of a few centimeters from the outside garden.  In any case, the goal IAM Design seeks to pursue with its steel and glass creations is the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality. 

 What are the general features and functionality of the product?

 In an effort to meet the aesthetic needs of  the clients, IAM Design proposes different models and styles for rails, wipes, rails, stairs, andfencing.  The grid design for steel balconies is one of these, but can be combined with original and imaginative dec orative elements that take inspiration, for example, from the world of nature.  The result is a type of railing not only impeccable from a purely aesthetic point of view, but also satisfying from the point of view of functionality.